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The Pod Collection

Southern Bottle has flourished into a channel focused on craft alcohol. The crew has worked hard to start up new podcast to bring you, our viewer more to consume. In the last year we have started four new podcasts each in a different category to engage on all different levels. Our first podcast is D4 Sports, "Sports entertainment for the walk-ons of life”. D4 Sports is hosted by James Alba, one of the most sports savvy minds alive. Alba brings sport's stories from the professionals all the way down to the beer league intramurals. Giving us great updates on what’s happening in the big leagues, while keeping us on the edge of our seats for the comedic average joe stories. SoBo’s next newest podcast is Bottom of the Barrel Radio, hosted by Jon Otto. BoB brings in current events with last weekends regrets. Covering everything from Trending Topics to Drinking Disasters, Jon keeps everyone wanting more. Also if you find yourself eating a slice of pizza after a drunken night be sure to follow his sneaker TikTok account @jottos_snkrs haha. Next, we have Jake DeBellis back in the studio with our new podcast Neat History. In this pod Jake walks us through history on the various types of alcohols. Whether it be how they were first invented or where they originated. Neat History can show the innovation and sloppiness of our predecessors. Be sure to catch an episode to learn some interesting facts. Last but not least, is Spiked Bites. Spiked Bites involves our entire team here at Southern Bottle. Each member creates a meal of their choice incorporating or pairing an alcohol with that meal. If you want to get the taste buds watering we highly recommend you give it a watch. Whether it’s Mike’s flank steak tacos or Alba’s "Stacks” you will not be disappointed. You can find all of our Podcast on our website and YouTube channel. So tune in, Hydrate Responsibly, and as always Drink Local!

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