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So as you have read in our last blog the crew is trying our hand in home brewing. We started in January with a small system from Northern Brewer. The system consist of a Gigiwort, immersion chiller, fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, piping, star san, a capper, airlock, and a few more items. We had to do much reading to educate and familiarize ourselves with the system and the process. Now, we believe we are grasping it more and more with each batch. Our first brew was and amber ale with a 4.8% ABV. It was definitely a learning process and we should have scheduled around the weather. We did not and instead brewed out in the 24 degree weather. We got smarter after that and moved the operation inside. While we were following instructions, we had a few hiccups while underway. After a month our first beer was ready. Not being much of an Amber crowd we still thought for our first batch it wasn’t half bad. Next, was our Bavarian Hefeweizen. We got a little lost on this one but ended up in a good spot. We had a little equipment malfunction but quickly adapted. After about three weeks in the fermenter and another two and a half weeks in the bottles we were pleased with the results. We got a banana-ish hint on the finished taste test and was the crowd pleaser thus far. The last beer we brewed was our Cream Ale. This has been sitting in the fermenter for just under a month. Don’t really know if that’s too long but we will find out. We will be bottling this within the next few days and everyone is anxious to see the outcome. Next on deck is our IPA. Based on the instructions it seems a little bit more in depth but we are excited for the challenge. Once it’s brewed we will be sure to write and updated blog on how the process went. So stay tuned, Hydrate Responsibly, and as always Drink Local!

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