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Behind the Screen

Much goes on behind the screen here at Southern Bottle. If it’s not late night podcast recording, first attempts at home brewing, countless Sunday meetings, or the Friday photo shoots then it’s typically having a beer in good company as great friends. Our Brand Manager, Allie makes sure we are running on time and on schedule. From picking out countless brews to photograph, creating captivating captions or putting together our page giveaways. We wouldn’t be able to do it without her. While we are still pushing her to make her on screen appearance she enjoys holding down the fort on the back end. You could not get a better group to call friends or a team. Each member brings something to the SoBo table that is necessary for our existence. Not only do we strive to be entertaining for our following, but we enjoy the laughs and tribulations along the way. No matter what goes on at the end of the day we can all sit back, have a beer, and some great laughs. Like, follow, and subscribe to see what’s next. Stay tuned, Hydrate Responsibly, and as always Drink Local!

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