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"Bringing you booze, reviews and more"

Southern Bottle was established in 2019 by two college roommates, Mike and Jake, who had a passion for beer. Not only did they love drinking it, but they wanted to learn more about the process as a whole. It started as a hobby; going around to local breweries and distilleries and connecting with those making the alcohol. It turned in to being able to share their findings with those who are not only interested in the final product, but the start to finish as well.
After college graduation while the two were figuring out what was next, like every recent college grad. They decided to expand Southern Bottle.
Now, not only is Southern Bottle your go to for the latest and greatest brews, but a place you can find a few podcasts, events, and articles. Southern Bottle wants you to enjoy alcohol with the things that go best with it; sports, food, friends and let’s be real most things.
Grab a pint and scroll our new site. As always, drink local!

Meet The Team

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Co - Founder & Podcast Host

Jake DeBellis


SoBo Radio & Neat History

Co - Founder & Podcast Host

Mike McNulty


SoBo Radio & Bottom of the Barrel

Host - Bottom of the Barrel

Jon Otto


Bottom of the Barrel

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Host - D4 Sports

James Alba


D4 Sports, Bottom of the Barrel, SoBo Radio