Season 3 Episode 1 - Home Brewing

Can Breweries Survive Covid?

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With the boys separated by Covid and no breweries to talk to during this time, we welcome James to join Mike in a season of home brewing.

Jake and Mike talk about Covids impact on brewers, small business and life all around.


New Podcasts - Neat History, Bottom of the Barrel and D4 Sports.

The Gin Craze

Looking for some new bar banter? Southern Bottles Jake gives us a quick rundown on the Gin Craze and how London was high key hammered from 1700 to 1760,

Ancient Egypt and the invention of beer

Jake dives into beers interesting origins in Egypt and their claim to fame as the 'inventors' of modern day beer.

Season 3 Episode 1

The boys are back and just in time for playoffs! James and Mike talk sports.

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Sports entertainment

for the walk ons of life

Season 2 Episode 4

Alba reacts to whats happened so far and talks about whats next.

The Boys Are Back

S2E1 - The boys  are back with with guest Alba from D4 Sports


Like Four Loko in a podcast

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Welcome to Spiked Bites

Shake cooks up a mean dish using alcohol as a key ingredient.